Milecastle Class 6

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Happy New Year!

Class 6 have had a wonderful start to 2019 and a very busy week. On Thursday we visited Little Bears Nursery where we played and read with the pre-school children. This was part of our Everyday Magic project. As a school we are aiming to bring a little bit of joy to others by doing things which will hopefully make them smile. At Little Bears, there were definitely some smiling faces. The little ones enjoyed spending time with our pupils and Class 6 certainly seemed to be having fun too. We all graduate from the Everyday Magic project on Wednesday.

Our writing focus over the next couple of weeks is ‘Persuasion’. The pupils worked together in groups to prepare arguments and supporting evidence. They came up with some wonderful ideas. I won’t tell you just yet what we are writing about, you will have to wait and see.

Finally, this afternoon, we had a visitor giving the pupils a short taster session of Yoga. It was lovely to end the day with such calm and peace. The pupils seemed to enjoy what they did and most commented on how relaxed they felt.


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Autumn Term

Well a second very busy half term has past and class 6 are certainly ready for their Christmas break. It seems that we have fitted so much into this half term: trips out, visitors in school, performances, Christmas markets and we even squeezed in some school work. The pupils have worked very hard this term and it has been a pleasure to teach them. Thank you for all the kind gifts and cards, I feel very spoilt. I wish you all a merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing all the pupils back in January. Below are a few snaps of some of the things we have been up to this term.

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A great first half term

This first half term has been filled with plenty of interesting and exciting activities in year 6. In English, we have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom; this has supported our World War Two topic in history. There have been some very emotional discussions about evacuation and the impact it had on the children and their families. Class 6 wrote some balanced arguments considering the pros and cons of this initiative during the war. It was really difficult to decide if it was the right thing to do . Their writing however was very interesting. The maths work the pupils have completed has also been fantastic. It has been wonderful to see the progress they have made. I think it is fair to say that one of the favourite subjects this half term has been science. The pupils have really enjoyed investigating light. All in all, it has been a great half term. Thank you to all those parents who came to parent’s evening, it was a pleasure to meet you and talk to you about your remarkable young people.

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A Wonderful Start

Well Year 6 is well and truly under way now and we are having a wonderful time. Even though we have only been back a few weeks, we have done so many wonderful activities. In science, the pupils have been investigating light. We looked at the colours which make up light and even go to see them for ourselves. We also investigated the relationship between the ‘angle of incidence’ and the ‘angle of reflection’. There has been some fantastic work in English and maths also. Thank you for the support so far with homework and spellings, it really does make a difference. Year 6 really enjoyed the assembly by Northumbria Water about how to save and reduce our water usage. Finally, today we were lucky enough to have a visit from representatives from the Anne Frank Foundation. The pupils took part in a workshop looing at the life of Anne Frank and how prejudice and discrimination can have an impact on people. The pupils responded with some very mature and insightful points. Grace and Stella thoroughly enjoyed their time here and are keen to work with the pupils again. I am very much looking forward to the year a head and all the exciting things we have planned.

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Not long left.

Time in year 6 is certainly flying by. The pupils are very busy with various projects as they prepare to leave and head to their new schools. In science, we have been looking at the theory of Evolution. We have had some very interesting discussions. In English, we have just started to read the novel ‘Wonder’. So far the pupils are hooked and enjoying the story. This too is leading to some interesting discussions on inclusion and social issues. I am very proud of the mature attitudes the pupils are displaying.

We have also just started a new course in ‘Fencing’. Every Friday a coach is coming in to deliver a session. Everyone is loving the lessons and perhaps there could be some potential Olympic fencers of the future in our group.

I pleased to announce that our herbs are growing well and are beginning to sprout. We are looking forward to using them in a few weeks.